Sunday, August 22, 2010

New Double Layout with Basic Grey Paper

Happy Sunday - perfectly rainy day in NH so it looks like I will just have to stay inside my craft room all day.  I worked on this layout yesterday and finished it up this morning...I started out by planning on a North Pole theme but somehow I ended up with the forest near the North Pole.  These cute little forest critters are in holiday mode, working together to prepare for the big day. Lots of ink and stickles (still wet when I took the photos) ...oops, I just realized I didn't finish the Winter Wonderland title.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Craft Room Pictures

Ok, so I went on to post the new layout and their site is acting up and giving error messages due to the .NET I guess this gives me the opportunity to post some pics of my craft room that I took earlier this year.  You would literally be frightened by the current state of my space, I have stuff everywhere and it is a complete disaster...and of course Dylan (oldest chocolate lab) is laying right in the middle of everything, and yes on top of my Fall/Halloween pattern paper.  But he is so comfy and asleep, I will let him stay there and walk around him or over him to get to where I need to go.  This is not a big space, maybe 12 X 12 feet, and he is a slightly plump 80 pound lab, so you do the math.

Would you make him move??  He is my favorite "person" in the whole world (other than DH, of course).  Ok, so on to the craft room.
This first shot is of the main 2 work spaces, my craft table and my computer desk.  My Mother's Mate made me this craft table and I LOVE it.  It is a 10 foot table that he specially mounted for me, and let me tell you that it gets the job done (although it allows me to create a disaster with obscene amouts of  "craft crap").  The 2nd pic is a closer shot of the mayhem.

The next shot is the table that I primarily use for inking and stamping.  This table was the first Christmas gift I ever received from my husband (I had been complaining that I didn't have enough space to craft and not a big enough table..etc etc) and I had high hopes for our first Xmas together that I would get a well thought out and beautiful Xmas present...and then all the gifts were unwrapped...  My husband then presented me with this TABLE.  Yes, practical, yes necessary.  But a TABLE?  Yes, I love it to this day, almost 15 years later.
And lastly, a bad shot of my storage rack.  I do so love my little place in my house and I am always looking for ways to change it...I was in a bright color mode this Winter...obviously.

Halloween Double Layout using Cricut

Life, work and a beautiful NH Summer have totally wreaked havoc on my blog aspirations.  As Fall draws near I am hoping to be reinspired with my blog and sharing new creations...this little blog is still for my eyes only (for the most part) and I look forward to expanding my blog and posts.

Today I have posted a fun 12X12 double layout for Halloween.  I am a freak for Halloween, I love the colors as the leaves change and temps drop ... as the North Country prepares for another "long Winter's Nap".  Even though it is August and close to 80 degrees, my mind is wandering to cooler temps and apple picking weather.

I have fond memories of Halloween and trick or treating.  I spent time growing up in Florida, Massachusetts and New Hampshire, so I have had the experience of both warm and cold Halloweens (yes, it can snow in NH by Halloween).   This layout was inspired by quaint houses for trick or treating but the curiosity as a teen for the "scarier" side of trick or treating...hence the little ghosts and mummies heading to the dark castle.

I am hoping to get this posted on the Cricut message board today and hopefully keep the ball rolling in blog land.  Have a great day ~ and as alway, be crafty!